Veterinary Nurse Dermatology Group

Supporting and Developing Veterinary Nurses interested in Dermatology.

Dermatology is a field where you as a Veterinary Nurse can play a pivotal role, assisting vets in the work up and treatment of cases in clinic and supporting clients in the management of skin conditions at home.

For the Patient

Veterinary Nurses can help to ensure the patient receives the right dermatology workup, improving their chance of a correct diagnosis. This coupled with support with treatment means a better patient outcome.

For the Owner

Veterinary Nurses can offer much greater and more available levels of support for the owner in skin and ear cases, which means a better level of service and therefore better value for money.

For the Practice

Utilising Veterinary Nurses more, means taking a skill already available to provide a new and improved service in an area accounting for around 30% of all cases seen in cats and dogs.

For the Vet

The Vet can now rest assured that the case is being approached and managed properly by them, through effective delegation to you, the Veterinary Nurse.

For You as a Nurse

This is a chance for you to develop a skill set in a way that makes a real difference to the practice, the owners and the patients. Working collaboratively with the Vet to make pets everywhere more comfortable.

The VNDG encourages any nurses interested in dermatology to interact with each other for clinical insights and advice, specialist and peer support, CPD, social events and exclusive member benefits. So the Vets, the practice and you as a Nurse, can feel reassured there is peer and specialist support at hand.

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Our VNDG meetings cover a variety of topics and you will get support from experienced Veterinary Dermatology Nurses and European Specialist Veterinary Dermatologists.

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Our intent

The VNDG aims to support and encourage all Veterinary Nurses interested in the field of Dermatology, to better their understanding and skills in the field for the improvement of patient outcomes.

Our aims

  • Promote the development and recognition of the Veterinary Nurse‚Äôs role in dermatology, for the benefit of the patient;
  • Promote and support education of Veterinary Nurses for their role in dermatology;
  • Provide a source of expertise for nurses facing clinical and managerial challenges in the field of dermatology nursing;
  • Provide a forum for the dissemination of developments and knowledge in the field of dermatology nursing.